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Over 10 years experience in servicing, restoring and modifying classic instant cameras

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Repair, Service and Modification

Specializing in classic Polaroids, I also do Graflex, leaf shutters and other film cameras.

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Worldwide shipping

Based in Perth Australia, I am happy to ship pretty much anywhere! Just ask me for a quote.

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# Repairs & Modification

I offer expert restoration and repair of Polaroid cameras. If your camera has an issue, I can probably fix it. Please note that I do NOT service Fuji Instax cameras. These cameras are sadly designed to be easier to replace than repair, and are generally available brand new for less than I could charge to fix them. Services include:

General repair job

Got a broken Polaroid camera? I can probably help! Estimates are free of charge and prices for servicing will depend on the camera.

Conversion SX-70 cameras to 600 series film

Conversion of most SX-70 models to use 600 series film. Allows you to use 600 format film without the need for a filter!

New Lenses

Broken lens or shutter? I can also customize your camera and install fully manual lenses and shutters!

Battery modifications

Modification of vintage automatic camera to take AAA batteries

General CLA

Polaroids can often have very dirty lenses or viewfinders if they have sat in the shed for too long.


I can reskin Spectra, SX-70 and SLR680 cameras with brand new LEATHER, or custom decals and designs.

More to Come ...

Blog Posts, Previous Work and projects will be coming soon. Stay Tuned !